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In Defence- Party Lines And Politics CD - Profane Existence - Dead Beat Records

In Defence- Party Lines And Politics CD

$ 11.49

In Defence- Party Lines And Politics CD.  Fourteen tracks of spastic Ritalin-fueled hardcore thrash from the toxic underbelly of Minneapolis-St Paul. Causticly sarcastic lyrics spewed over super crushing guitar riffs and relentless machine gun-like percussion. IN DEFENCE are definitely hometown favorites (usually drawing bigger crowds than the touring bands they support), have a relentless tour schedule, and are comfortable playing with bands from across the hardcore / punk / metal spectrum. IN DEFENCE have several previous releases out on Learning Curve, Give Praise Scene Credentials and World Won't Listen Records and have been liked to a cross between MUNICPAL WASTE meets CODE 13. And on top of that this full length features the song, “…And Toxic Justice for All,” about everyone’s favorite Troma superstar. Nuff said!

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