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I Spit On Your Gravy- St Kilda’s Still Alright CD ~EARLY OZ PUNK - Turkeyneck - Dead Beat Records

I Spit On Your Gravy- St Kilda’s Still Alright CD ~EARLY OZ PUNK

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I Spit On Your Gravy- St Kilda’s Still Alright CD?.  In the underground rock scene in Melbourne, through the early to mid 1980s, a wide variety of bands existed, including Gothic bands like Nick Cave and The Birthday Party; Garage rock stalwarts like The Seminal Rats; 60s music inspired groups including The Bo-Weevils, The Saucerme and The Believers and hard core punk bands like Vicious Circle, Sick Things and St. Kilda's legendary export I Spit on Your Gravy.  Legend has it that vocalist Fred Negro was one of the few to witness Radio Birdman on one of its Melbourne tours, all those years ago. From there, he would eventually find some friends in Scotty Simpson (drums) , Mark Carson (bass), Jason Banner (guitar) and the female backing vocal duo dubbed The Spitettes Sam and Viv.  With the band being formed in the early 1980s, a range of influences would contribute to the bands sound including The Stooges, Radio Birdman, The Saints, 80s LA punk band X and late 70s British punk legends The Sex Pistols and The Damned.   The results are high energy punk rock tunes exploring shenangians and hard times in inner city Melbourne in the early to mid 80’s.  Great retrospective of the band here including a detailed set of liner notes, old interviews, articles, gig posters and lyrics to the songs.  Top notch release from a band who’d come to be seen as one of Australias great undiscovered punk bands.

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