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Hunx And His Punx- Gay Singles LP - Born Bad - Dead Beat Records

Hunx And His Punx- Gay Singles LP

$ 13.99

Hunx And His Punx- Gay Singles LP.  Despite the fact that Gay Singles is Hunx and His Punx's trashy-excellent first full-length, you may be familiar with the group's frontman Hunx, aka Seth Bogart, whether you know it or not. Perhaps you know him from his keyboard and vocal duties in Oakland's garishly theatrical Gravy Train!!!!. Or perhaps you recognize him from his very naked appearance in the "hardcore" version of his labelmates Girls' "Lust For Life" video. Or maybe you're one of the fans that have been trolling eBay for the five hard-to-find, sold-out Hunx and His Punx singles that have been released (and just as quickly snapped up) over the past two years.The debut LP from California's Hunx and His Punx collecs those 5 out-of-print singles, and adding a brand new song called "Do The Makeup".  Hunx and His Punx make swooning bubblegum-punk, and though they aren't the first group to marry the effortless, sugary pop of 60s girl groups with the garage-rock revival, they might be the first whose skuzzy "My Boyfriend's Back"-like songs are explicitly homoerotic.  LP WAS LIMITED TO 500 ON BORN BAD OUT OF FRANCE!

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