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Hungry Gayze- Road Kill 7" ~EX SLIPPERY SLOPES! - Floridas Dying - Dead Beat Records

Hungry Gayze- Road Kill 7" ~EX SLIPPERY SLOPES!

$ 5.49

Hungry Gayze- Road Kill 7".  Features members of Shit Eagle and Slippery Slopes, Hungry Gayze play snotty and simplistic offbeat garage moves with that Floridian attitude cultivated by Rich and his Florida's Dying empire. It’s equal parts drug-damaged, who-cares drunk rock and just genuinely weird all at the same time. "Road Kill" has a fantastic synth squeal that is just short of being annoying that plays over a hypnotic backbeat, some guitar frying and chanted girl vox. A little bit Electric Bunnies-esque and bizarrely catchy. "Pins & Needles" is a bit straighter, a brazen stomper with a swirly little hook and the gal's whiny/nasal delivery really starts to grow on you. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It's stupid and fun and if yer into stuff like the Spits or Personal and the Pizzas you’ll dig this.


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