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HOLY SHIT- ‘Jazz Phase' 7" - Trigger On The Dundoo - Dead Beat Records

HOLY SHIT- ‘Jazz Phase' 7"

$ 6.50

HOLY SHIT- ‘Jazz Phase' 7".  Having already pummeled you mercilessly with its debut EP, Holy Shit! are back to thrash ya with this steel skewer. Jazz Phase finds the Milwaukee foursome steering its brutal hardcore attack in directions which sound great to these ears. Supplanting the lightning-fast blitzkrieg of the first EP with a multi-tempoed foray into the realm of weird time signatures, avant garde flirtations, and uber-psychotic screaming, these gifted and highly disturbed young men have kicked the ear-battering meter into the red. Great single hear, and if you like their other record on Contaminated or anything wierd punk or HC related, this is a must.  The drummer from this band was also in the Catholic Boys!

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