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Horribly Wrong- C’mon Bleed With LP - Eradicator - Dead Beat Records

Horribly Wrong- C’mon Bleed With LP

$ 11.00

Horribly Wrong- C’mon Bleed With LP.  The Horribly Wrong were a brief, loud blip on the Indiana radar from 2002 to 2005.  Shelved and neglected for 5 years, this blood-drenched monster finally sees the light of day, and on 180 GRAM VINYL no less. This is a nice little 18 song blast from these Bloomington kids, played hard and fast in the trash-rock tradition of such other "here today, gone tomorrow" faves like the Problematics, Brides, Motards and Rip Offs.   Obscure and unheard material here, that I'm glad to finally see the light of day.  This band is almost Spits catchy, but with a heavy nod to jangly lo fi scuzz garage.  LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES ON 180 GRAM VINYL WITH HAND SCREENED COVERS!!

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