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The Homewreckers/City Mouse- Split 7"

The Homewreckers/City Mouse- Split 7"

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The Homewreckers/City Mouse- Split 7".  The Homewreckers are notable for including Cristy Road in its ranks as singer and guitarist and she does alot of punk rock artwork that is found within "the scene". The Homewreckers take a more snotty approach to their brand of poppy, melodic punk rock and the thing that grabs me more than anything here would be Road's vocals. They have a quality of "what the hell, my voice isn't the greatest but who cares?" and I find it refreshing to hear a band that is just doing its stuff without seeming to worry about it sounding perfect. On the flip we get City Mouse. The intro of the first City Mouse track, "Gemini,"? catches me slightly off guard-it almost sounds like something that No Future Records would have released back in the early '80s, a bit like the Violators maybe and really works. This song really does take me back to my mid-teens on each listen and is worth it for the price of admission along. Pretty good split where neither band really falls short.


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