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The Holy Curse- Feed The Dogs LP - Turborock - Dead Beat Records

The Holy Curse- Feed The Dogs LP

$ 11.99

The Holy Curse- Feed The Dogs LP.  If you're smart enough to have picked up on the hi-energy jams that France's best rock and roll band The Holy Curse pump out, you'll know they rarely put a foot wrong. And so it goes with Album Number Four.  The Holy Curse wed driving guitar rock to melodies in a way most of their competitors can only dream of. It's proudly in the same vein as Radio Birdman, and the New Christs (even moreso), delivered with soul and passion that can't be faked. With "Feed The Dogs" they take a psychedelic route to reach the same destination and it works in every way possible.  Grab it and hear one of last Real Rock and Roll bands around these days.  RECCOMENDED!

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