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COCONUT COOLOUTS- 'Party Time Machine' CD - Haunted Horse - Dead Beat Records

COCONUT COOLOUTS- 'Party Time Machine' CD

$ 10.99

COCONUT COOLOUTS- 'Party Time Machine' CD.  Seattle boners the Coconut Coolouts are some real gassers that have to be heard to be believed. The Coolouts feature an all-star goffball line up including members of the Charming Snakes, Invisible Eyes, Rat Fancy and the Cripples.  Their dirty flavored party rock is just what this world needs right now.  Kind of just how we needed the Ohio Express and 1910 Fruitgum Co. in 1968, but just less acidic and with more banana costumes.  Their song “Party Jail” stumbles into budget rock territory in subject matter, rather than sonically, but features the staple handclaps and rolling basslines that's driven many of us to frenzied beer-dousing freakouts we used to get from the almighty Mashers, back when drugs were cheaper.  If you dug their debut on Heads up, you need this one.  Your Rip Offs, Fums and Spaceshits records will never sound the same.

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