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Hell Crab City – Full Bore CD ~FUCKIN KILLER!!! - Turkeyneck - Dead Beat Records

Hell Crab City – Full Bore CD ~FUCKIN KILLER!!!

$ 11.99

Hell Crab City – Full Bore CD. Sydney Australia based, Hell Crab City do rough and tumble rock n’ roll to perfection.  Don’t let the stale ass name fool you, this this is the real deal here folks.  Seriously I haven’t heard a band play this good in a looooooooong time.  Featuring ex-members from The New Christs and Panadolls, Hell Crab City opt for the fast and hard approach and play relentless rocknroll the way it was meant to be played....Loud, dirty and nasty.  Dual guitars blazing over the top of a powerhouse rhythm section, this 11 track onslaught will sit nicely in jukebox beside the Powder Monkeys, Candy Snatchers, Devil Dogs  Cosmic Psychos and Radio Birdman.  HIGHEST OF RECCOMENDATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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