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DEPRIVED- 'Discography 1982 - 1989' LP - Head Line - Dead Beat Records

DEPRIVED- 'Discography 1982 - 1989' LP

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DEPRIVED- 'Discography 1982 - 1989' LP. DEPRIVED were the leaders of a major political punk rock movement that swept Portland during the late 80's and early 90's which also included the likes of RESIST, UNAMUSED and GODLESS. This long-overdue compilation combines all three of their classic 7 ep's plus five additional unreleased tracks!! Deprived is one of the most respected anarcho-punk bands ever who's influence still reverberates in the punk movement to this day. They capture a sound fueled by anger and frustration and a spirit of rebelling in the streets armed with a molotov cocktail and ready to burn this fascist system to the ground while. Members later went on to form bands such as DEFIANCE, DETESTATION and others.  If you're keeping up on the current anarcho/punk/crust scene, this ones a must have.

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