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Hatebeak- The Number Of The Beak LP ~PIG DESTROYER MEMBER! - Reptilian - Dead Beat Records - 1

Hatebeak- The Number Of The Beak LP ~PIG DESTROYER MEMBER!

$ 12.99
Hatebeak- The Number Of The Beak LP.  Hatebeak contain members of Pig Destroyer and Triac. With face-crushing guitars, head-pounding drums and vocals so scorching, so extreme, they simply can't be human! Well...they're not! This extreme metal outfit has a Congo African Grey Parrot for a singer who trashes the pathetic bird feeder you call the metal underground savaging you with his feathers of razored steel! Try as you might, but you won’t escape the claw; nothing can dodge those talons of hate. These tracks are an ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY beak in the ass of all things sacred in the underground. The holiest shrines of metal and hardcore are truly devastated, burned to death in Avian authority. This LP comes on 3 colors of wax: CLEAR VINYL, BIRD SHIT COLORED VINYL and AFRICAN GREY VINYL! Your sealed copy will be on one of these 3 colors!

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