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Great Dismal Swamis- S/T 7” ~KILLER - Fandango - Dead Beat Records

Great Dismal Swamis- S/T 7” ~KILLER

$ 5.49

Great Dismal Swamis- S/T 7”.  Great Dismal Swamis are a trashy Rock N Roll band from Norfolk, VA and include members of the Candy Snatchers, Hydeouts, Big Bobby & the Nightcaps, Rats and The Phantom Creeps. This is their debut single from the cool new band and it’s pretty impressive. Snotty singing-out-of-a-tin-can vocals splash across jagged, wirey guitar-solos, backed by a pulsating, bouncy Ramones-style rhymn section belting out some really cool swaggering tunes. Top notch vocal delivery here and the songs are just super fuckin catchy. This is nasty, Rock N Roll at its finest. RECOMMMENDED! A SCANT 200 COPIES OF THESE WERE PRESSED ON BLACK WAX!. GET EM WHILE YOU CAN!

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