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Grafton- Blind Horse Campaign CD - Dead Canary - Dead Beat Records

Grafton- Blind Horse Campaign CD

$ 11.49

Grafton- Blind Horse Campaign CD. No doubt Grafton’s vibe is loaded with coal town sludge, hometown boredom, relationship bitching, and general dark clouds with a chance of shit-kicking.  But Grafton's eponymous debut is replaced by a more beefy tough rock sound which lies somewhere between the retro-garage trend that swept in at the turn of the millennium, the Stonehenge rock that preceded Grafton's existence by only a few years and Mudhoney's more primal back catalog.  Making the disc work are the absolutely huge guitar riffs. Every song, even the relatively down-tuned AC/DC-boogie of "Sumbitch" and the grinding "Slowpoke," which lives up to its name by moving along at approximately the speed of dirt, is led by a bombastic riff that drives the song into the scuzzed soaked, dusty sunset.  Grafton are in the fine tradition of buckshot rock jerked through Nirvana's rotting corpse.  YA!

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