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Golden Error- Refuse Me 7” ~300 PRESSED! - Mind No Mind - Dead Beat Records

Golden Error- Refuse Me 7” ~300 PRESSED!

$ 5.99

Golden Error- Refuse Me 7”. Golen Error just keeps getting better. The recording on this on is pretty hot. Sounds classy and post-punk whilst keeping the band sounding loose as well. Ramrod rhythm section pushes the tempos, guitar adds some angularity and the vox are recorded clean and mean. "Refuse Me" is a bouncy jammer (with a slight Shellac-y nod/noodle perhaps) and "New Weather Paranoia" is forcefully frantic and a bit garagey even. These guys grab their balls on the B-Side and do some X covers - "It Must Be Me" and "Coat of Green" - which fit their style well. They come out unscathed and have probably done the only decent X cover(s) in existence beside the A-Frames take on "Batman". That sayssomething, right there. One of the best bands swimming in the cesspool of NYC right now, and I think this might be their crowning achievement thus far. 7” LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!

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