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A Global Threat- Until We Die CD - Band - Dead Beat Records

A Global Threat- Until We Die CD

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A Global Threat- Until We Die CD.  Known for an ear-splitting hardcore punk sound, A Global Threat originally formed in Maine circa 1997, but soon relocated to their permanent base of Boston, where they befriended the Unseen's Mark Unseen. He joined their lineup for a few years -- playing on 1999's Until We Die and their debut full-length, What the Fuck Will Change? -- but ultimately left when it became too hard to balance being in two bands at once.  Global Threat is one of the few links 90's punk has to the late 70's and early 80's punk. A Global Threat meshes melody with thrash. The hard guitars ignite your energy, giving you the instant desire to smash something, while the grinding lyrics strike out against the constraints of society. A Global Threat emerged as a leading punk band among punks who remember the days when punk was an underground movement, instead of a fasion show.

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