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Go! - Your Power Means Nothing 7” - Refuse - Dead Beat Records

Go! - Your Power Means Nothing 7”

$ 7.50

Go! - Your Power Means Nothing 7”.  In a nutshell, GO! was a New York Hardcore band around from 1989-1991.  This is their first and classic single from 1990!  GO! was about an awful lot, but they were so fucking sarcastic that it made it all alright. Pro-Gay and Lesbian; Feminist and anti-Sexism; anti-Racism and Violence. Yup. No apologies. And songs about Power and Civilization and Society, etc. Pretty serious stuff.  Well yeah, but then we also have "Milk does your body good" and "Mom" and so on and there you have it. Life is balance. If you're into Gorilla Biscuits, MDC, Negative Approach and stuff like that try it out. Great Hardcore from NY with well thought-out lyrics - no neanderthal crap here.  REISSUE WAS LIMITED TO 500 COPIES AND IS PRETTY HARD TO FIND!

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