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Glitz- It's Glitz LP ~EX APACHE!

Glitz- It's Glitz LP ~EX APACHE!

$ 13.99

Glitz- It's Glitz LP.  Glitz is a San Francisco punk quartet featuring members of Apache, The Cuts, Personal & The Pizzas, and Wild Thing. On their debut album, 'It’z Glitz', they combine glittery bombast, bubblegum harmonies and muscular riffs into a pretty damn good record. ‘It’s Glitz’ is a straight-up, no-frills ’70s punked out rock 'n roll record, the kind you’d hear from a band like The Dictators.  And you can tell these guys grew up worshiping The Flamin’ Groovies, Heartbreakers, Stooges and MC5 so much that they just had to form their own band. There’s Johnny Thunders swagger in “Innosense” , Lou Reed sneer in “Punktual Punk” and a driving Radio Birdman vibe in “Good Day.” It’s not everyday you get to hear a band that sounds like all your favorite bands in one and actually pulls it off with gusto and sincerity. It’s Glitz! Damn right it is, and don’t you forget it!  Import from Italy.


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