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Giuda- Racey Roller CD ~EX TAXI - White Zoo - Dead Beat Records

Giuda- Racey Roller CD ~EX TAXI

$ 12.99

Giuda- Racey Roller CD.    Working from the same glammy three-chord blueprint as contemporaries like Slade, T. Rex, Status Quo, and the Sweet, GIUDA take you back to a monumental by gone era of Rock N Roll. Specifically the early 70's pre-punk, glitter days when music was all about monstrous riffs, bousterous attitudes, high energy experimentation and fun. GIUDA take that same glammy, proto-punk foundation and fuse it with the grimy, tattered muck of bands like Eddie And The Hot Rods, The Pack, PVC and The Kids to create a timeless arsenal of glam injected, pub rock classics. Top notch glitter-fused, punk rock slop that has as much to do with the Faces and Slaugher and the Dogs as it does the UK Junk Shop bands from the '70's' like Hector, Plod and the Rats. Absolutely crushing Full Length here. Ex-members of TAXI.

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