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Gibson Brothers- Build A Raft 2 xLP - Columbus Discount - Dead Beat Records

Gibson Brothers- Build A Raft 2 xLP

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Gibson Brothers- Build A Raft 2 xLP. The legendary Gibson Brothers need no introduction. "Country" Jeff Evans, Don Howland, Ellen Hoover, and Dan Dow put the flag on top of the whole "twisted versions of obscure country and blues songs" hill.  Build A Raft  is a 2xLP re-issue of the earliest of the Gibson Bros recordings. The first LP is a meticulous master for vinyl that follows the original Old Age/No Age cassette format. It consists of a studio side that was recorded many long years ago in the village of Harrisburg by Mike Rep and Tommy Jay, and a live side that features material recorded in '85 at Bernie's as well as excerpts from a grade school Rock'n Roll assembly at Avondale Elementary. The second LP is made up of 6 bonus songs from the Harrisburg sessions, three of which were released on their rare first 7" on the band's own OKra records, the other ones were unreleased until now.  Put all of this together you get the definitive picture of the Gibsons pre-Homestead/SFTRI/Siltbreeze/ITR career! This is where their long and storied journey began... legendary stuff here.  Gatefold includes some unearthed and never released pics of their legendary Avondale Elementary performance.

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