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Ghost Bikini- S/T 7” ~500 PRESSED! - Ravaging - Dead Beat Records

Ghost Bikini- S/T 7” ~500 PRESSED!

$ 5.99

Ghost Bikini- S/T 7”. Warm, nasty, and slathered in gooey reverb, the new 7-inch from Atlanta garage rock outfit Ghost Bikini offers up three tracks of snotty, space-drenched fuzz-rock that totally works. Lead track "Spooks" is an anxious, swarming tune nabbed straight from the Nuggets playbook. Fuzzy, nasty and pretty damn rockin. On the flip, the raucous, bubbling "Summer Heat" features some serious harmonica action and an unhinged call-and-response reminiscent of those anarchic early Black Lips records. Fans of the Oblivians, Davilla 66, Reigning Sound and the Black Lips will be all over this one. 7” LIMITED TO 500 COPIES WITH SOME PRETTY COOL LOOKIN COVER ART!

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