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GG ALLIN/Duane Peters- Split 7” - Ponk - Dead Beat Records

GG ALLIN/Duane Peters- Split 7”

$ 9.49

GG ALLIN/Duane Peters- Split 7”.  On one hand, you could tout this record as a well-deserved salute to two of punk’s more celebrated modern primitives. On the other hand, you could tack it up to yet another garish attempt to sell the gunk scraped from the toenails, clipped from the frosty cadaver of another dead-as-dirt rock star who is now bigger and more well-known in death than he was in life. That is not to, in any way, slight Mr. Duane Peters, but to put into sharp focus the likely truth that it’s GG’s rotting corpse that is the crackling fat behind the “sizzle” being sold here. Either way, theirs no denying the impact that either of these guys have had on the underground punk scene over the years and for that alone, it’s worth it in my book.  This is the UK-import version with 6 tracks, including 2 unreleased spoken cuts exclusive to this release. 1,000 COPIES issued. Comes with insert and the sleeve folds out into an incredible 7”x14” wanted poster.

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