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GG ALLIN- Carnival Of Excess CD - Ponk - Dead Beat Records

GG ALLIN- Carnival Of Excess CD

$ 11.49

GG ALLIN- Carnival Of Excess CD.  GG was nothing more than what he claimed to be... a musical terrorist. This album showed there may have been some untapped talent no one knew about... including GG himself. The tracks on the album are rough, but not as bad as his other work. With some great songwriting and a decent cover of Zevon's Carmelita, this one should shock everyone! His true fans get to see a talented, almost softer side of GG. And people who hated him, well... they still hate him but may be able to respect him after this. I listen to it over and over again and will never get sick of it, especially Outskirts of Life.

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