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Geisha Girls- Disappearing Act LP ON CLEAR WAX - Radio Beat - Dead Beat Records

Geisha Girls- Disappearing Act LP ON CLEAR WAX

$ 12.99

Geisha Girls- Disappearing Act LP.  Geisha Girls are three non-girls playing unique, original punk rock that stands far above the hordes of like-minded guitar slingers out there. These OC critical darlings have mastered the art of “touching from a distance” with their icy take on the sounds of three imaginary boys era Cure and the punk of bands like Wire, Mission of Burma, 45 Grave and The Wipers. I know you hear that a lot these days, but this is a band that actually lives up to those comparisons and makes something new instead of just aping the sound of a bygone era. Geisha Girls are rad. Seriously.  John and Mike went on to for the Bad Parents and Gestapo Khazi.  LP WAS LIMITED TO 500 COPIES.  100 ON CLEAR AND 400 ON BLACK.  THIS IS A COPY ON CLEAR VINYL LIMITED TO 100!!

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