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Geisha Girls- Buckingham 7” ~PRE GESTAPO KHAZI - Backflip - Dead Beat Records

Geisha Girls- Buckingham 7” ~PRE GESTAPO KHAZI

$ 6.99

Geisha Girls- Buckingham 7”. This is the rarest and hardest to find of all the Geisha Girls records whom predate Bad Parents and eventually morphed into Gestapo Khazi. Taking cues from bands like Gang Of Four and Joy Division, this three-piece manages to stick out from their contemporaries like a post-punked sore thumb. Sparse but tough, almost surf-style, guitar intertwines with some heavy rhythms and Cure-like vocals. A must-have punk/post-punk explosion for fans of Warsaw, Joy Division, Mission of Burma, Gang of Four, PiL, and the like. THIS 7" WAS LIMITED TO 300 COPIES AND THESE ARE ON THE UBER RARE WHITE VINYL!!

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