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GASOLHEADS -'Fuel Stereo Crash' CD - Lollipop - Dead Beat Records

GASOLHEADS -'Fuel Stereo Crash' CD

$ 11.00

GASOLHEADS -'Fuel Stereo Crash' CD.  Yeah! Don’t be fooled by their sterile name. The Gasolheads can relay the rock-action full force baby!  French turbo-77-new-wavey-punkdeliciousness.  A decidedly snotty and STITCHES style, with a tad more trash and exhaust fumes. I just played it through the end without skipping past the ends of songs, wich I never do. Totally great disc here from this French band with ex members of the NEUROTIC SWINGERS.  Dead Boys, Pagans, Ramones and Johnnny Thunders fans will dig.  Pretty hard to find disc too, as the label has long since gone under.  Get it while ya can!!

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