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Gas Chamber- S/T LP - Warm Bath - Dead Beat Records

Gas Chamber- S/T LP

$ 11.49

Gas Chamber- S/T LP.  This recording has been making the rounds via cassette and the internet for a while now, but GAS CHAMBER have finally seen fit to put their 2008 recording to wax. Simply put, this is among the best hardcore records I’ve ever heard. Totally transfixing riffs, a dual guitar assault that is half mutated and affected, and a bass guitar that rivals the power that I’ve seen come from only from only a very few bands. GAS CHAMBER harnesses ghosts of hardcores past and present without ever treading the same path; “Strontium” could have come from any number of West Bay Coalition bands, but these songs are still totally fresh (a lot of that has to do with the bass- it’s like PARLIAMENT injections into face-melting hardcore, complete other-worldly shit) and really sound like nothing I’ve come across.  Dark, distorted hardcore with powerviolence tendencies from Buffalo, NY. It’s no surprise that members’ previous bands have had records released by 625 five or ten years ago. And while I do enjoy getting the shit kicked outta me by the music, I’m really digging this black dust sleeve as well. I’m sure these guys are pretty well-known in their immediate vicinity, but if you’re looking for some raw hardcore from people who have been doing it for years, Gas Chamber awaits.  LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!

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