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Galactic Canibal- We’re Fucked LP ~GREEN VINYL! - Encapsulated - Dead Beat Records

Galactic Canibal- We’re Fucked LP ~GREEN VINYL!

$ 11.49

Galactic Canibal- We’re Fucked LP.  Galactic Canibal features Direct Hit! frontman Nick Woods on bass and his brother, noted Milwaukee noise artist Peter J Woods, on vocals. Galactic Cannibal crank out nine bombastic cuts of hardcore crushing punk that’s equal parts adrenaline, melody and sneering attitude. Self-described as “Misfits meets Man Is The Bastard”, but also bringing to mind groups like Fucked Up and Andrew WK, the quintet fires on all cylinders for the duration of its debut. LP PRESSED ON SEE THROUGH GREEN VINYL AND HOUSE IN SOME NICE LOOKING SCREEN PRINTED COVERS!

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