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Gaggers- Outta Your Mind 7” - NO FRONT TEETH - Dead Beat Records

Gaggers- Outta Your Mind 7”

$ 5.99

Gaggers- Outta Your Mind 7”. The third burning hot slab from these snotty London brats... their first and second  7" went out of print in under 2 months so act fast!!! These two new cuts on here present the Gaggers in true energetic and convulsive style... you can smell the puke coming through the speakers... stripped down and urgent seventies-influenced punk rock ala Dead Boys, Pagans, Jabbers etc.  These cats don't fuck around - the guitars are razor-sharp and the snotty vocals will rip yer face up. Nasty stuff.  THIS ONE LIMITED TO 500 COPIES ON BLACK AND LIMITED TO 250 COPIES OF 2 DIFFERENCT COVERS

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