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Fuzztones- Horny As Hell LP - No Fun - Dead Beat Records

Fuzztones- Horny As Hell LP

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Fuzztones- Horny As Hell LP.  What else can be said about the Fuzztones? As fans worldwide know, the band has achieved legendary status as cult faves during their 3-decade career. Their fiery brand of Garage-Psych-Punk pre-dated the entire "Garage Revival" of the 1980s and has influenced hundreds of groups, some quite famous.  No doubt Fuzztones' fans expected to ogle sexy strippers onstage when they attended 2007’s "Horny As Hell" tour, advertising "Very Special Horny Guests!" What they got instead was the mighty Fuzztones with a killer HORN SECTION! To top it off, the line-up featured the return of veteran Fuzz-monster "Mad" Mike, beating the crap out of the drums, just like he did from 1986 to 1992, and together with bassist Screamin' Bo Pille's steady throb, creating the rhythm section from Hell! Their huge new sound went over so well that Rudi decided to take the band into a recording studio at the end of the tour, and record the set. To emphasize the new arrangements, Lana Loveland switched to wailing Hammond C3 organ, while Rudi Protrudi and Lenny Silver trade stinging leads and driving rhythms throughout! And finally, as if that's not enough, a four-piece female backing group was utilized to provide the sassy backing vocals. LP features outstanding artwork by Rudi Protrudi and insert featuring extra photographs and information.  LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!

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