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Fucked Up- Litany 7" - Havoc - Dead Beat Records

Fucked Up- Litany 7"

$ 5.99

Fucked Up- Litany 7".  This is a re press of the Litany 7" originally released on Test Pattern Records. The original pressing was quite limited and sold out Fast. Havoc has agreed to press up 3,000 more of this killer. Four of Fucked Up's best songs. Hard hitting, catchy and memorable hardcore punk delivered with venom and spite. To my mind this is one of the best punk bands of the 21st Century thus far. The simple catchy songs strike me as being far deeper than they appear on the first listen. The band employs a stripped down "less is more" approach that is three steps ahead of most hardcore punk bands today. The end result are songs that work on several levels at once, manifesting themselves both as "thinking man's hardcore" and circle pit instigating ragers at the same time.

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