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Frozen Teens/Street Legal- Split 7” ~RARE WHITE WAX! - Shut Up - Dead Beat Records

Frozen Teens/Street Legal- Split 7” ~RARE WHITE WAX!

$ 5.49

Frozen Teens/Street Legal- Split 7”. This record is fantastic. Both bands put out really good demos last year and are now sharing this record for their vinyl debut. Frozen Teens come to us from Minneapolis and play catchy-as-fuck style rock 'n' roll punk. Real intense guitar riffs that just cut right through you. It's in the school of the Marked Men and/or Cola Freaks. On the flip side, Street Legal fucking destroys. Between them and the Studded Bird, Kansas City is looking real exciting these days. Street Legal plays a real dark, bleak, gritty style of punk sung with the strained voice of a tired living but with the enthusiasm of wide open possibilities. If you're still listening to Spitboy, you'll love this shit! Great split EP, heavily recommended. YOUR COPY WILL BE ON THE LIMITED WHITE WAX!!

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