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Friendly Neighbors- ...Or Else 7" - Smokin Barrel - Dead Beat Records

Friendly Neighbors- ...Or Else 7"

$ 6.00

Friendly Neighbors- ...Or Else 7".  Debut single here from the Friendly Neighbors who just got back from a west coast tour with Le Face.  Really strong early L.A. punk vibe here,from a modern buncha louts who know what to do with their instruments.  The tunes sound like a mix of Posh Boy -era TSOL and (perhaps?) early JFA. The vocals remind me a lot of Jack Grisham, but the music is a lot sloppier and less realized than even those very early TSOL songs. 3 stellar originals that are delivered with just the right mixture of sloppy attitude, creative spark, and spastic energy to make 'em all worth many a listens.  With songs like these, I know they got a killer full length in them.  GET ITWHILE YOU CAN, LIMITED TO 250 COPIES ON ORANGE SWIRLY WAX!!!

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