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Fontana- Not A Leg To Stand On 7" - Milk N Herpes - Dead Beat Records

Fontana- Not A Leg To Stand On 7"

$ 5.00
Fontana- Not A Leg To Stand On 7".  Out of the damaged punk rock scene in Detroit Michigan land of Red Red Red, the Piranhas Human Eye and Clone Defects comes their bastard child of rock n roll, Fontana. Practicing non-stop with drug addicts, bums, and people off the streets as their audience Fontana have perfected their sound of damaged, and never to be fixed, punk rock. Come and relive the glory of a sound all but abandoned by the Piranhas and the Clone Defects. Punk rock with an edge, punk rock that hurts, punk rock that changes you in ways you can’t conceive.  LIMITED TO 300 COPIES!!

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