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Feeling Of Love- ‘S/T' 7" ~HONEYMOON KILLERS!

Feeling Of Love- ‘S/T' 7" ~HONEYMOON KILLERS!

$ 6.49

Feeling Of Love- ‘S/T' 7".  Feeling Of Love are heavily indebted to a few US trash-punk bands of the past, namely Pussy Galore; but also a little bit of the Honeymoon Killers and early Boss Hog. They had the same fucked take on the “blues,” accompanied by clanging percussion, pained vocals and harsh guitar tones. I also hear a tip of the hat to Chrome via the ominous background feedback-hum and accompanying screeching guitar clang that weaves in and out of each track. This is their debut single and one of the better singles in their extensive back catalog. French import.

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