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FLYING OVER- 'Danger Boy' 7" - Frantic City - Dead Beat Records

FLYING OVER- 'Danger Boy' 7"

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FLYING OVER- 'Danger Boy' 7".  Flying Over has been at it since 1996, and I can’t believe this is thier first 7". It's a good one!  Falling somewhere in between straight-up retro '77 and Killed By Death Euro-punk, Flying Over throws it back to the days when the likes of TV Killers and Spash Four ruled the French punk scene. Boasting fantastic names (Jet Boy, Jet Girl, Gun Boy, Hero Boy) and unassailable influences (Saints, Sex Pistols, Kids, Vibrators), these Frenchie rock n' rollers could very well induce a worldwide revival of pogo dancing. A-side cuts "Danger Boy" and "Fier De Deplaire" burn fast and furious - with the former sparked by a call-and-response exchange between Jet Boy and his wife Jet Girl.  The latter is sung in French and brings to mind the early Stitches. On the B-side, "I Wanna Destroy You" eases back the speed a tad and snarls in a classic Pistols style. It also kind of reminds me of "Cherry Bomb" by The Runaways - which can only be a good thing!   HAND NUMNERED OUT OF 500 COPIES AND THIS COPIES ON THE LIMITED EDITION CLEAR WAX!!!

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