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Flying Over- Rockin Frenchies CD - Frantic City - Dead Beat Records

Flying Over- Rockin Frenchies CD

$ 11.49

Flying Over- Rockin Frenchies CD.  Debut album here from this new band from La Rochelle, France. Self released on their now aborted label, Little Pink Medecine, it’s a nice lil diamond in the rough.  This is one of, the best straight trashy rock'n'roll records I've heard by a French band since the TV KIllers last album. Every song has a trademark itchy guitar sound that totally got under my skin. I really loathe to compare them to other bands, they sound like the good parts of the 60's and 70's mixed together in a scuzzy, fuzzy reverb drenched bucket. The production is right on and they play fast without wrecking the melody.  This is definately my new favorite record!   Anyone interested in "punk" rock (whatever the fu**k that means anymore) should definitely check this one out.   Viva les Frogs!  13 solid tunes and an Infections cover!

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