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V/A- Vindicated ! A Fleshtones Tribute (Gatefold) 2x LP - Larsen - Dead Beat Records

V/A- Vindicated ! A Fleshtones Tribute (Gatefold) 2x LP

$ 19.99

V/A- Vindicated ! A Fleshtones Tribute (Gatefold) 2x LP.  

This is, to be honest, one of the best "tribute" albums we heard in ages!! All, except one track, just pure & simple killers!!! 23 great bands each covering a classic Fleshtones song. Handsome Dick Manitoba and the Nomads, Los Chicos, The Maggots, Insomniacs, Slickee Boys, Swingin’ Neckbreakers, Woggle, Turpentines and many more.  Ahh fuck it, just check out the track listing:

1. Living Legends - Los Chicos (Spain)
2. Watch This! - The Havox (U.S.)
3. Better Days - Dr. Explosion (Spain)
4. Way Down South - Four Shames (U.S.)
5. La Fille Du Noctambule - Tony Truant (France)
6. Pickin’ Pickin’ - Hoodoo Gurus (Australia)
7. I Am What I Am - The Maggots (Sweden)
8. I Wanna Feel Something Now - The Insomniacs (U.S.)
9. En Balade Avec Les Playboys - The Playboys (France)
10. Screamin’ Skull - The Primevals (Scotland)
11. Whistling Past The Grave - Hans Frank (U.S.)
12. Good Good Crack - Snax featuring Halloween Jack (U.S./France/Germany)
13. Hitsburg U.S.A - The Psychotones (Italy)
14. Headlock On My Heart - The Slickee Boys (U.S.)
15. I’ve Gotta Change My Life - Slow Slushy Boys (France)
16. The Dreg - The Hate Bombs (U.S.)
17. Legend Of A Wheelman - The Immortal Poirposes (U.S.)
18. Hope Come Back - Richard Mazda (England)
19. Dreaming About Work - Subway Surfers (U.S.)
20. The Theme from "The Vindicators" - The Woggles (U.S.)
21. 3 Fevers - The Swingin’ Neckbreakers (U.S.)
22. Girl From Baltimore - The Turpentines (Sweden)
23. American Beat ’07 -The Nomads (Sweden) + Handsome Dick Manitoba (U.S.)

WOW!! All packed in a gloriously looking DOUBLE LP GATEFOLD JACKET  with a cool cover art-work. So Open a beer, put the record on and have a great time!  LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES WORLD WIDE!

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