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C.O.P.- Ripperside 7" - FLAT BLACK - Dead Beat Records

C.O.P.- Ripperside 7"

$ 5.00

C.O.P.- Ripperside 7".  This debut release from Riverside's C.O.P. (Citizens On Patrol) features 8 hardcore skate-punk tunes.  And when I say hardcore, I mean ‘82 Mystic/Nardcore type HC.  Nothing involving karate kicks and circulation-hindering jeans. If I had to pigeonhole the band's sound, I'd say it's almost a cross between early JFA and Stalag 13.  Ripperside nearly captures the band's live intensity on vinyl. This band is a must-see live. There aren't many around today who shove as much energy into their sets as C.O.P. Standout tracks include Ripperside/C.O.P., Hitchhikers and No Secrets. Agressive, raw, real. This is what punk rock is all about people. INCLUDES TWO SIDED PULL OUT POSTER WITH BAND PHOTOS AND LYRICS!! 

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