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C.O.P.- Deadicated Cop 7" - FLAT BLACK - Dead Beat Records

C.O.P.- Deadicated Cop 7"

$ 5.49

C.O.P.- Deadicated Cop 7". Like most young hardcore bands of today, C.O.P.’s sophomore release shows us a faster, more intense and musically complicated band that has gotten better with time. The lyrics have matured and they have shed the catchiness of the first ep to bring a brutal slab of so cal hardcore. Take the nardcore sound of their first ep and the rapid-fire precision of Poison Idea’s “Pick Your King” and you have the new C.O.P. 7”. Although the songs are faster, tighter, and angrier each song stands out, definitely not another hardcore record that sounds like one long song. Fans of Ill Repute, Stalag 13 and Wasted Youth, need to hear this one.

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