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The Fells- Ampted CD - Toxic Shock - Dead Beat Records

The Fells- Ampted CD

$ 11.00

The Fells- Ampted CD.  The first time I saw the Fells play was at a backyard kegger near Tucson, Arizona's beatnick 4th Avenue. It was one of my first real experiences with garage music. They were loud and loose and completely inspiring – it was a revelation to my teenage mind that rock bands could be regular dudes you saw around town.  The set lasted only fifteen minutes before the cops showed up to slay the fun as all the underage partiers dropped their red plastic cups and made a hasty escape through the back gate.  In less than a decade the Fells released nine top-notch singles, one incredible 10" and two absolutely killer albums.  Most people will know the Fells from their second album on Bellingham's Estrus Records.  But this is actually the bands first, and far superior, full length that only came out on CD.  These guys really made their mark on the late 90’s garage scene before dispersing to the winds like sand in a desert storm.  Jeff moved to San Francisco and went on to form theTrust Fund Babies and later the Radio Reelers.  And Heath moved to Seattle to play in the Vultures before turning up in Detroit where he currently plays with Tyvek.  A nice slice of the late 90’s garage scene here for fans of the New Bomb Turks, Headcoats, Mummies and Oblivians.

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