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Feeling Of Love- S/T LP - Yakisakana - Dead Beat Records

Feeling Of Love- S/T LP

$ 11.99

Feeling Of Love- S/T LP.  In some way connected to that whole A.H. Kraken thing, this is a French outfit that, like most of the records I receive from that country, I can’t get enough of. The Feeling of Love, possibly named after an early Blues Explosion number, are bold and cheeky enough to enter Pussy Galore/Doo Rag territory, fusing raw slide guitar blues with an abrasive, near-industrial quality. They aren’t holding much back, which works in their favor; the single is good, the album is extraordinary, a cheese grater to the ears that never forgets its duty to entertain as well as to punish. Excellent efforts.  LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES WORLD WIDE!

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