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Fed Up!- 'Lashing Out' 7" - United Riot - Dead Beat Records

Fed Up!- 'Lashing Out' 7"

$ 5.00

Fed Up!- 'Lashing Out' 7".  It's a sad fact that you don't see too many hardcore 7"s coming out of the Big Apple these days, so respect to Fed Up! for taking on this format. They play raw and in your face rough and tumble hardcore from New York City. Now I've been a fan of Fed Up! since I first heard 'em and this 3 track gem just helped enforce that! Dennis F.U. and the fella's are still knocking out quality anger and hate filled Hardcore that gets the blood pumpin and the adrenalin flowing.    Fed Up seem to get better and angrier with each new release and this is definatley some of the best stuff I've heard by 'em.  The title track "Lashing Out" is well worth the price of admission alone, but "Hamburger Deluxe" isn't far behind.. mind you I ain't sure what a hamburger deluxe is!!  For folks who like the gruff, oi! influenced hardcore or folks that like 86 Mentality, Agnostic Front or the the Templars should lend an ear to these dudes.   This is NYHC played loud and proud and definately one of the best of the new breed!!  LIMITED TO 300 COPIES ON CLEAR!!!

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