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Forced Down- Rise 7" - Vinyl Communications - Dead Beat Records

Forced Down- Rise 7"

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Forced Down- Rise 7".  Forced Down was a band that started, essentially out of members of many other bands.  It became an idea, the idea became a sound, the sound had a look and identity... And it was all built out of what was not happening in their local scene... It never wanted a Label, it never wanted a scene, it wanted to be for everyone... This, at the very time the "scene" was becoming more and more cliquish.   Forced Down didn’t want to be cliquish...from their artwork to their recordings..... they only wanted to be a band called Forced Down.  The band started in motion by Mike Down and Joey Piro...Mike was singing in local H/C heros "Amenity" who were based out of the south of San Diego in Chula Vista.  And Joey was playing drums in SD Legends PitchFork. This is the debut Forced Down single entitled "Rise".  The band recorded and mixed the four songs in one night...Engineered by Joe "Master" McGrath.  The band had matured a lot since their demo days and many consider these to be thee best Forced Down material ever written.  Pretty hard single to find from this old band that came out back in 1989.

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