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Functional Blackouts- Raw Dawg, Raw Deal 7" - Wrench - Dead Beat Records

Functional Blackouts- Raw Dawg, Raw Deal 7"

$ 5.99

Functional Blackouts- Raw Dawg, Raw Deal 7".  “Raw Dawg…” is one of my favorite songs the Blackouts play live, so it’s great to finally hear it on a record. It’s loud, raw, and obnoxious, just like the band is live. This record captures them better than anything they’ve put out thus far. “In My Vacuum” sounds like the Blackouts as filtered through the Spits’ Halloween 7”. “Chemical Bath” is what they closed their set with the first time I saw them when they opened for the Weirdos along with the Black Lips. They trashed their equipment and kept playing. The song was longer and weirder than the whole rest of their set and it was awesome. I thought that it was great live, but wouldn’t come across well on a record. I was wrong. Parts of it have a weird, almost Geza X quality. It’s defiantly as damaged and as good as the best Human Eye has to offer.  THIS WAS LIMITED TO 500 COPIES AND IS LONG OUT OF PRINT!

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