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Fat Creeps- Must Be Nice LP ~DELTA 5! - Sophmore Lounge - Dead Beat Records

Fat Creeps- Must Be Nice LP ~DELTA 5!

$ 11.99

Fat Creeps- Must Be Nice LP.  Fat Creeps are a trio of two girls and a guy and it's the girls doing the singing with lots of sweetly naive girl group inspired harmonies, and they squeeze ten songs full of punchy hooks and dreamy vibes onto this 45rpm LP. Sound-wise they remind me a lot of La Luz's vocal-led tracks with a similar laid back and detached delivery, but with a bit more post-grungey kick to the guitars than that ensemble's hazy surf-ish sound. There's even hints of Hole on tracks like 'Daydreaming', but tempered by a casual, louche ease that's more like The Breeders or early Best Coast, and often a post-punky sonic sound that makes me think of Shopping or the Delta 5. This is real good stuff, wry and tightly written and over too quickly. Definitely a band to keep an eye on.

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