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Face The Rail- Fractures 7" - Headcount - Dead Beat Records

Face The Rail- Fractures 7"

$ 5.49

Face The Rail- Fractures 7"?.  This new single by Face The Rail really excites the living piss out of me. I guess you’d call this hardcore, as a starting point, then add that it the guitars carry so many different hooks in each song that these three songs seem like an entire album. There’s a clear debt owed to Mr. Reatard on the first track (“Fractures”), but unlike a lot of other upstarts in the highly competitive 7” garage-core field, this goes to a lot of other wonderful places. The side-long “No Hope” changes into the most beautiful guitar rave-on (not up or down…just forward) about ¾ of the way through that I swear the interplay bridges a gap between Drive Like Jehu and  ALL-era Descendents if you listen just a little harder.  100% hit-rate from start to finish on this one.  Definately gotta find their full length now.  ?

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