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Everything Falls Apart- Ghosts 7” LIMITED TO 500 - One Percent - Dead Beat Records

Everything Falls Apart- Ghosts 7” LIMITED TO 500

$ 5.99

Everything Falls Apart- Ghosts 7”.  Buffalo's EFA continue their hard-working and always improving sounds with their third single and fifth record overall. One of my favorite local acts, on this one I feel like they've crossed a line from their usual angst-filled hardcore to some genuinely angry and near hostile modern punk rock. "Ghost" is low-tempo and deliberate with a crushing rhythm, well-crafted guitar parts and some of Pat's most forceful and alienated vocals yet. "Brace Position" mellows slightly from the wall-smashing A-Side, with a beginning indie-rock guitar dynamic giving way to a destructive second half that careens dangerously to an ending rife with guitar wreckage and death-ray feedback. I think it's their best yet, equally emotive and furious and a great introduction to a band deserving your attention if you haven't heard them yet. 500 copies pressed.

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