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Estrogen Highs- Friends And Relatives LP - Gramery - Dead Beat Records

Estrogen Highs- Friends And Relatives LP

$ 11.49

Estrogen Highs- Friends And Relatives LP.  Friends and Relatives is by far the Estrogen Highs most ambitious and mature release to date. While their Dead Beat Records debut LP, ‘Tell It To Them’, showed mostly punk and garage influences, “Friends and Relatives” is chalk full of a wide range of influences.  From The Dead C to Guided by Voices, to Kiwi-style pop, to The Wipers, to psychedelic drones and jams the Estrogen Highs cover the gamut with truly inspirational song writing.  The record cultivates a unique and original sound that’s distinctly the bands own and is really what all bands aspire to write.  Friends And Relatives shows a band that’s truly digested impecable Kiwi bands like the Chills, the Bats, the Clean and the Verlaines and worked them into their vernacular.  The hand made covers and labels perfectly accent the bands Do-It-Yourself attitude. NICE.  LP LIMITED TO 500 COPIES!!

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