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Escalator Haters - S/T 10" ~BUZZCOCKS! - NO FRONT TEETH - Dead Beat Records

Escalator Haters - S/T 10" ~BUZZCOCKS!

$ 13.99

Escalator Haters - S/T 10". Vile snot and bile from Switzerland care of Europes newest snot-punk sensations the Escalator Haters. These guys play stripped down, bouncy mid tempo punk rock with a great blend of the early European punk sounds and a ton of powerpop melody. Kinda reminds me of a slower, more abrasive, Buzzcocks which is a very good thing in my book. The A-side is a sonic blast of snot and snarl. And the B-side fires even harder on 3 of the songs and they slow it down a hair on ‘Razorblade Smile’ which is a slower and groovier piss and moan tune that doesn’t suck at all. Snarling catchy Punk Rock that fits in nicely with your Sex Pistols, Forgotten Rebels, Buzzcocks and Boys records. UK import on No Front Teeth Records.

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